Service Learning Advisory Board (SLAB)

Charge of the UNM Service-Learning Advisor Board (SLAB)

The purpose of the Service-Learning Advisory Board will be to develop recommendations for strengthening service-based learning opportunities integrated with academic instruction. The Board, which will consist of UNM faculty which will be charged with developing recommendations for strengthening service-based learning opportunities integrated with academic instruction, will provide guidance by facilitating discussion, gathering relevant data, recognizing achievement, and promoting best-practices in individual courses and degree programs that choose to integrate service-learning or community-based research into the student experience. The Board, which will work directly with the newly designated Office for Engaged Learning & Research (formerly the Research Service-Learning Program) in University College, endeavors to provide resources and eliminate barriers to implementing service-learning projects that promote student learning and address compelling needs in Albuquerque and beyond.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Board (13 members), in collaboration with the Academic Council and the Curricula and Teaching Enhancement Committees, will implement and oversee the service-learning course designation process and coordinate and offer professional development opportunities that support the growth and enhancement of service-learning curriculum at UNM. These professional development opportunities will consist of workshops open all teaching faculty and the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program, which will be coordinated through the Center for Teaching Excellence. The Board also assists with tracking, evaluation, and assessment of service-learning courses. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs appoint members of the Board to two-year terms, upon recommendation by the chair of the Board.

  • The Board will conduct a review of existing public, community, and professional service-based learning initiatives that are underway at the University. They will review the organization of these efforts and how they are promoted to students and communicated to the broader university community and the public. The Board will make recommendations on ways to ensure that existing efforts are more effectively communicated to those on and off campus and better promoted and made accessible to students.
  • The Board will make recommendations on enhancing University course offerings where a service experience is integrated with classroom instruction or student research. Consistent with the objectives of the University's General Education Initiative, the Board will make recommendations for increasing the number and quality of service/academic experiences and for enabling all students to have access to a service-learning experience during their academic programs.
  • The Board will identify opportunities to build partnerships among colleges, departments, and other University units that currently offer service/academic programs. The Board will make recommendations to improve coordination of the many University service-related academic activities available and to create new or extended partnerships on and beyond campus that will increase learning opportunities for students.
  • The Board will develop recommendations for enhancing the recognition of service and service-academic activities of students, faculty and staff with an interest in encouraging greater initiative to offer additional service-oriented academic experiences for students.

SLAB Members

Dawn Stracener, Honors College
Stephanie Becker, College of Fine Arts
Julie Sanchez, University College
Marygold Walsh-Dilley, Honors College
Tyson Marsh, College of Education
Shane Day, School for Public Administration
Myra Washington, Communications & Journalism
Jamie Gomez, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Jessica Rowland, Sustainability Studies Program
Tiffany Bourelle, English Language & Literature
Nick Flor, Anderson School of Management
Vanessa Svihla, Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences
Greg Rowangould, Civil Engineering
Tiffany Lee, Native American Studies
Marjori Krebs, College of Education
Trenia Walker, College of Education
David Wright, Global Education Office
Jessica Goodkind, Sociology
Reinaldo Garcia, UNM West
Fred Gibbs, History
Guida Leicester, Global Education Office
Laura Burton, UNM West
Patrick Kelley, Computer Science
Amy Greene, UNM Continuing Education
Regina Chavez Puccetti, College of Fine Arts
Aeron Haynie, Executive Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
Becky Adams, New Media and Extended Learning
Mariah Harrison, Office for Engaged Learning & Research/University College
Neke Mitchell, Director of Assessment (Ex Officio)
Kate Krause, Dean of University & Honors Colleges (Ex Officio)