SL/CBR Course Designation

The CELR is happy to announce that the registrar’s course database now allows courses to carry a searchable designation of either Service-Learning (SL) or Community-Based Research (CBR) for courses that include a specific community engagement component. Faculty may request either designation for courses they teach using the attached form. A designation will be retained for three (3) years unless the instructor informs the RSLP that the course has changed in ways that make the designation no longer appropriate.

The Community-Based Research designation encompasses a broad range of ways that courses might engage students, faculty, and community members in collaborative academic research that addresses community issues. Courses with the Service-Learning designation are a subset of that broad range meeting additional criteria. A course may be assigned either designation but not both.

If you or someone in your department (professor, lecturer, teaching assistant, etc.) are teaching a course with an SL/CBR component, or if there is interested in converting an existing course into an SL/CBR course, please see the attached document on how to apply for the course designation.

If you have any questions or would like additional guidance in developing your service-learning or community-based research course, please contact the RSLP and we will make arrangements for a program specialist to meet with you. To request a meeting, please contact Monica Kowal.